What exactly is The Wine Workshop?

The Wine Workshop is a modern system to learn about wine in the comfort of your own home, taught by an experienced certfied sommelier and wine educator, along with occasional special guests.

It gives the flexibility to learn around your schedule and at any location, including in the comfort of home.

It’s the Wine Workshop, and it’s the best new modern method for learning about this very old subject.

How is this done?

We have two types of experiences: Wine Workshops, and Wine Workshops Plus.


These info-packed webinars are private, observational, and entertaining. A one hour live webinar with certified sommelier Jason Kallsen, and occasionally special guests.

Throw a pizza in the oven, pop a bottle, put on the comfy clothes, and take a wine class!

Our private webinars present a particular topic over the course of an hour, with live chat and opportunity for lots of Q and A. Webinar materials are made for each session, so you have cool handouts, tasting mats, maps, and more.

We guarantee you’ll learn a ton and leave more confident about that aspect of the wine world. The software and platform we use (Zoom) allows a high quality experience that you can enjoy on your phone, tablet, or computer.

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Wine Workshops Plus are active, conversational, dynamic, and social three day seminars that you can bounce in and out of at your own pace.

Each Wine Workshop Plus is a multi-day exploration into the wines of a particular place or grape variety.

Most workshops last three days, and over the course of those three days our private social board for that workshop is the center of the action. It is on the board that fellow workshop participants share the bottles they are popping, links to articles are posted, photos and maps are available to view, and loads of information is posted from our sommelier moderators, which add to the Workshop through videos.

Our social board is the hub of a Wine Workshop, where you will find videos, maps, articles, and interaction with fellow participants in the Workshop.

Each Wine Workshop Plus is totally unique in that we build it together, asking questions, interacting, making videos, and posting cool things we find around the internet. The amount of communication and collaboration is off the charts.

At the end of a Wine Workshop Plus, a live webinar completes the learning circle, allowing for extensive discussion and question and answer. This webinar is private and only open to participants of that workshop, but will be archived for future access by the participants.

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In summary, Wine Workshops are more like attending a wine class or a seminar, where you observe, ask questions, take notes, and leave knowing more than you knew before.

Wine Workshops Plus are multi-day events, community driven, interactive, and they build in dynamic ways before your very eyes, culminating in a private webinar for the group.

How are Wine Workshops different from a live wine class?

There are some key differences.

We love teaching wine classes and have done so for over 20 years to over 40,000 students. But for a wine class, you have to plan ahead, drive to the class, attend, then head home (with wine in your system). And for the most part, it’s a passive experience. You sit, listen, taste, and learn.

The Wine Workshop is an active experience, with interaction and discussion between the students, but in the comfort of your own home, wherever that may be. Workshop students can be anywhere in the country, or even in the world. You can learn from the Wine Workshop format via your laptop, tablet, or phone. It’s flexible and up to you.

A cool thing we have seen: groups of friends that each register for, and experience, a Wine Workshop with a glass in hand, then after the webinar they go onto Facetime or Zoom to see each other and continue their social drinking online!

Are wines to drink included in the workshop price?

No, and that’s by design. Our Workshops and Quick Classes are meant to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

However, we will suggest wines by category and occasionally by brand.

Some people may not want to purchase those specific wines. Some may want to use different wines that fall into that particular style or category. Others may already own wines that will work well. You can even experience a Wine Workshop without popping a bottle, instead simply usuing your new knowledge for future enjoyment.

We want a Wine Workshop to be a way to actively patronize your local fine wine retailer. During our discussions, we will focus on smaller, family-owned wineries. We actively avoid big brands.

Can a couple or a household experience a Wine Workshop or a Workshop Plus together?

Yes! Wine is meant to be shared, and this format is ideal for a couple or a household to learn more about wine. Only one registration is required per household.

It works best if the group is super small (such as a couple at home) and gathers together for the tastings, lessons, discussions, and webinars. If you have a friend or family joining from another location, it requires another slot to be purchased.

What happens when I sign up for a Workshop Plus?

Workshop Plus registrations are open for enrollment until the Workshop begins, at which time we close the enrollment to form the community. Each Wine Workshop Plus has a start date and an end date.

After registration, you’ll recieve instructions to build your account on our social board platform. Then, if you wish, find some wines that fit the topic, and get ready for the start.

We announce the start of a Workshop with a bang, and we’re off to the races on the social board!

What is the pacing of a Workshop Plus?

Most Wine Workshop+ last three days. During those three days we build the workshop on our social board, with loads of instructional videos, links, maps, teaching, and sharing between the students. Questions develop, discussions ensue, and great fun is had.

The start date is when the inital wave of lessons, videos, links, articles, and more are posted. Then during the workshop you’ll get updates, further information, and encouragement to share on our social board. Hopefully with a glass in hand.

Wine should be fun, and with the abilities of our social board we’ll encourage photos of your wine with your pets, great receipes to pair with your wines, funny wine comics, and more.

And wine should be serious, and through the Workshop you’ll learn top level education about the given topic, peppered with videos created just for that particular group.

On the last day of the Workshop we do a live webinar reviewing our key information, allowing for questions and answers. This webinar is only open to workshop participants.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! We absolutely guarantee you’ll get more out of a Wine Workshop than you expect. If you’re not satisfied we will refund 100% of your purchase price. See our guarantee and refund policy for important details.