Sommelier-guided live wine webinars guaranteed to educate, inspire, and entertain. Recorded for future viewing via your Wine Workshop account.

The Wine Workshop’s webinars are 60-minute presentations designed for fun, easy, and info-packed wine education. Toss a pizza in the oven, put on the comfy clothes, pop a bottle of whatever, and get ready to relax and learn. Learn more about what experiencing a Wine Workshop webinar is like.

All webinars are guaranteed to build your wine confidence and knowledge in a fun, info-packed format.

Webinar Seasons

What we are best known for – Immersions into specific wine topics! Includes full access to the follow up page with further notes, webinar replay, and more.

The newest season includes current live webinars, all others are instant-access bundles to the complete season (all recorded webinars, notes, maps, and more). Click on each for more information.

Replays of our most popular single-topic webinars, on demand!

Previously broadcasted webinars, each with a complete replay, handouts, and links for learning! Tons of stuff to absorb here, and each is guaranteed to be entertaining and inspiring. Full money back guarantee if not satisfied.