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More info about these grapes and regions:

Wine number one: The Verdicchio grape is one of our favorites for seafood in general. We’ve found that it goes especially well with walleye, halibut, and cod. Learn more about the region this is from, Castelli di Jesi.

Wine number two: Barbera might be the best all-purpose red wine with food that we know of. High in acidity, low in tannin, it’s a wine begging to be enjoyed with a plate of pasta, a pizza, or just some good cheeses. Learn more about this producer, Vietti, as well as Piedmont in general.

Wine number three: Back to The Marche region, this time with a wine made from 100% Montepulciano. This region is full of natural beauty, but with the curse of wild boars taking over the countryside. Those wild boars make for delicious additions to breakfast, and if you’re looking for a great wine and food pairing, enjoy this wine with artisan cheeses and meats.

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