Experiencing a Wine Workshop “Plus”

This is a new way to learn about the old subject of wine, via a powerful combination of technology and community.

There are two types of work in the Wine Workshop Plus
The work you do privately (tasting, learning, reading, exploring), and the work you put out to your fellow participants (sharing tasting notes, opinions, thoughts, photos, and more) via our social board, which is the hub of a Wine Workshop.

Our social board is the hub of a Wine Workshop, with dynamic growth as more join in the discussions

Experiencing a Wine Workshop Plus is different for all students, but the ones that get the most out of it are the ones that focus on sharing their learning and communicating with other participants. It’s putting yourself out there. This is work, after all. Really fun and delicious work!

The most powerful aspect of a Wine Workshop Plus is our innovative and private social board, unique to each workshop, that allows all participants to share photos, recipes, stories, opinions, and tasting notes over the course of the workshop. You will have access to this board for a week after the workshop, and it will be archived and sent to you as a PDF.

So how does this work?

Upon signing up for a workshop, you receive your welcome info including links to set up your account for our social board.

In the time between registration and the start of the workshop, we suggest you acquire a couple of bottles of wine that fit the category because a Wine Workshop is far more fun with a glass in hand (however, you can do a workshop without tasting any wine as well … you will still learn a ton).

Then the workshop starts (off to the races!) with a wave of cool information, lots of learning, links, articles, maps, videos, and much more to help you understand the subject in a deeper way than you thought possible. Various assignments will pop up, and sharing your opinions and ideas is encouraged. All of this happens on the social board for the workshop, which is the hub of the experience.

At the end of the workshop, we do a private live sommelier-led webinar that allows for questions and answers, feedback, fun ideas, and more great learning.

This is all done in the comfort of your own home and can be experienced through your phone, tablet, or computer. You can be at the cabin, on vacation, in another state, or sitting in a cafe in Portugal while enjoying a Wine Workshop. Invite your friends and family to join in, and watch an amazing community grow around a single wine topic.

And of course, satisfaction is guaranteed.