Minneapolis Women’s Rotary Club
Wine Tasting Follow Up
7 November 2020

Many thanks to everyone for a great event, and for your support of the scholarship fund! I hope that you learned a ton, had your wine curiosity sparked, and built some wine confidence. ?

As I mentioned during the presentation, my goal is to bring the FUN back into wine and wine learning, and if you enjoyed what you experienced I hope you join us for a future Wine Workshop and spread the word to friends and family. Feel free to sign up for our email list to learn about future wine workshops (we have some cool stuff in the works for this winter!).

Here is a replay of our gathering:

More fun links for you!

We talked a bit about the Loire Valley and how confusing it can be. We have a great handout that breaks it down, and you can download it here.

Rioja is awesome, and in our discussion, I talked about how they age the wine for us. Here is a complete breakdown of those wine laws and labeling terminology, plus an article I wrote about the new wine laws that recently went into effect.

The Southern Rhone is one of my favorite regions for wine. The main grape is Grenache, and that is a grape variety that you should learn more about.

Thanks again, everyone! Go forth and enjoy more wine!

Jason and Angela Kallsen
Founders, The Wine Workshop