Alexander Valley Vineyards with special guest Rob Wetzel, Friday May 1st at 5:00 pm


ALEXANDER VALLEY VINEYARDS and understanding northeastern Sonoma County
with special guest Rob Wetzel of Alexander Valley Vineyards

Live sommelier-led wine education!
Friday, May 1st
5:00 pm central time

Note: no wines are required for the event … use your new knowledge to shop afterward. But of course, feel free to pop a bottle during if you choose!

If you want to have some great wines at hand, check out the Somm Survival Kit: Alexander Valley Vineyards to get a great six-pack of wines to co-ordinate with the webinar! 

Each Wine Workshop includes extensive follow-up notes, buying suggestions, and a webinar archive.


Join us for a special wine workshop with guest Rob Wetzel of Alexander Valley Vineyards!

When Rob’s parents, Harry and Maggie Wetzel, bought their amazing property in 1962, they purchased it sight unseen. While exploring the idea of opening a winery in Sonoma County, in a remote corner where nothing at the time was happening, was a parcel then occupied by a 90-year-old resident whose heirs did not want to keep it. The rest is history, and we’ll hear the full story from Rob during this special session.

This will be a great way to learn a ton about this special corner of Sonoma County.

Included are great handouts to keep you on track and help you retain the information. The follow-up page will archive the webinar for your future enjoyment.

Pop a bottle! It’s time for Alexander Valley Vineyards!


The Wine Workshops are designed to be a fast infusion of wine knowledge, taught by one of the most experienced wine educators in the country, certified sommelier Jason Kallsen. When properly and clearly explained, wine does not need to be intimidating. Which of course then makes it much more fun.

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