Clark Smith: 12 Game Changing Technologies for Winemakers and Small Winery Owners

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Twelve NEW technologies that will catapult your wine making and winery business forward!

Learn through this special workshop, taught by the leading specialist in wine making science, Clark Smith, author of Postmodern Winemaking.

This focused presentation is geared toward winemakers at small and mid-sized wineries anywhere in the world. The new developments will be eye-opening to say the least and will be a game-changer for many wineries for years to come.

Moderating the discussion is sommelier Jason Kallsen of The Wine Workshop. Upon purchase you will gain INSTANT access to the information plus over one hour of video with Clark explaining each in detail.

Pop a bottle! It’s time for Game-changing technologies with Clark Smith!

A SPECIAL DISCUSSION WITH ONE OF THE LEADERS IN THE WORLD OF WINE MAKING SCIENCE, bringing you twelve new game changing tips and hints specifically designed for small wineries and winemakers.

New tools to get ahead in the world of wine!

Clark Smith, inventor, professor, and writer, is one of the leading authorities of wine making science. But he’s also a dynamic presenter that keeps wine fun, sparks interesting ideas, and brings a lifetime of knowledge and history into every wine conversation.

He’s the author of Postmodern Winemaking and will fill you in on twelve game-changing wine making technologies that will specifically empower smaller wineries. These are new, important, and amazing developments in the world of wine making.

Upon purchase, you will get access to a full video discussion with sommelier Jason Kallsen about these new technologies, along with links, contacts, details, and more. A small investment for a huge return.