10/30/2023: Free! Halloween VIN-tacular — just here for the BOOS!

Free Access!

Monday, October 30, 2023
7:00 pm central time

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Celebrate Halloween Eve 2023 with us at The Wine Workshop! A wine class, costumes, recipes, scary stories, and of course spooky wines!

This is going to be a wine class like no other, as we celebrate our favorite holiday with some great wines that fit the theme, while in costume. We’ll be talking about “ghost wineries,” tasting scary-themed wines, sharing our traditional Halloween recipes, and talking about wine that shows up in horror films (a little Chianti with fava beans?).

The goal is to kick back, relax, laugh, learn, and celebrate Halloween!

The Wine Workshops are designed to be a fast infusion of wine knowledge, taught by one of the most experienced wine educators in the country, certified sommelier Jason Kallsen. When properly and clearly explained, wine does not need to be intimidating. Which of course makes it much more fun.

We hope you can join us for Halloween Wines 2023!

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