Secrets of the Sommelier: Intro to deductive tasting


ONE HOUR WEBINAR REPLAY (watch again and again), NOTES, HANDOUTS, AND LINKS FOR MORE LEARNING. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

A complete course on deductive wine tasting, both whites and reds, to help you improve your skills at perception and wine description. An outstanding course for any wine lover at any level.

Extensive handouts and a workshop archive will help you retain the information.

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Grab your corkscrew! It’s time for Secrets of the Sommelier!


Secrets of the Sommelier!

You’ve seen it in the movie SOMM or on YouTube videos. The sommelier grabs the glass, describes the color, swirls the glass, starts pontificating about aromatic compounds and intensities, tastes the wine, slurps it in her mouth, swallows, exclaims excitement, then declares what she thinks it is. The wine is unveiled, and she is right!

This is deductive wine tasting, and sommeliers have a very specific pattern to evaluate a wine in this format. And in this class, you’ll learn the secrets.

Join us as we break it down for you. We’ll discuss the benefits of learning how to deductively taste. You’ll learn what to do differently between whites and reds. And you’ll learn, in the end, how this can improve wine enjoyment (or take away from it … we’ll be covering all angles!).

No wines are required to taste along with the class, but it sure makes it more fun. You’ll get suggestions on wines upon purchase of the workshop.

The Wine Workshops are designed to be a fast infusion of wine knowledge, taught by one of the most experienced wine educators in the country, certified sommelier Jason Kallsen. When properly and clearly explained, wine does not need to be intimidating. Which of course makes it much more fun.

We hope you can join us for Secrets of the Somm!

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