Wine School: Northeastern Italy: Friuli, Trentino Alto-Adige, and the Veneto, March 6-27, 2021

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Course start date: March 6, 2021
Course end date: March 27, 2021
Learn and experience at your own pace

Enrollment closes: March 5, 2021

Level: All levels … there is ton here for everyone!

  • OVER 30 customized lessons covering Friuli, Trentino-Alto Adige, and the Veneto
  • 4 live instructional zoom meetings (interactive)
  • 3 optional sommelier office hours
  • 3 projects for deeper learning
  • Community-based gathering and sharing via Padlet
  • One year of materials access

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Wine School: Northeastern Italy!
A deep dive into Friuli,
Trentino-Alto Adige, and the Veneto

The three great wine regions of northeastern Italy explained in full detail, complete with 20+ video lessons, curated links, and self-directed projects for deeper learning.

This course covers Friuli, Trentino-Alto Adige, and the Veneto, including key grape varieties, understanding the labels, travel hints and tips, and much more. This is the most comprehensive course on these regions we have ever put together.

The multi-week format of this course allows for a continuous trickle of information, rather than an overwhelming wave, which means our Wine School format is perfect for learning about regions like these.

Study at your own pace, but with a class community, projects, and workshop lesson to keep you on track.

The best NEW way to learn about wine!


What to expect

You’ll learn:
 A full overview of the three legendary wine regions of Northeastern Italy: Friuli, Trentino-Alto Adige, and the Veneto. You’ll learn all the major sub-regions found within them, the key grape varieties, hints on understanding the geography of the areas, and loads of advice for getting more bang for your wine buck.

Emphasis is placed on: What makes each region unique (especially focusing on grape varieties), what causes them to make some of the best wines of Italy, and how the modern marketplace has changed for these regions in the last twenty years.

Time and wine commitment: It’s up to you, and designed for flexibility. The core program is 21 days in length, with courses, classes, modules, and projects trickled out over the 21-day window. Do what you wish on your own time. There are no tests, there is no rote memorization, and there are no pins or certification at the end. Only pure learning, at your own pace (one to ten or more hours a week, it’s up to you). You’re free to come back to the online materials for up to one year.

In terms of wine, you can procure as little or as much as you wish, at any price level, for the course. You have complete control over your own wine budget. We do suggest, at the minimum, you plan on at least four to six bottles, and in this case, they would range from $15 to $50 a bottle. You can of course buy more and spend more if you wish.

We will also have a core list of suggested books that we will reference during the course.

What to look forward to: The core of Wine School is the community. We meet as a group, through zoom. We can see each other and we can share ideas. There are open “Sommelier office hours” to ask more questions and have more discussion. All gatherings are optional. We will also build and maintain a social board through the Padlet platform, where you can share your work and progress 24/7, and see the work and progress of your fellow students.

We learn better as individuals, by learning together.


What to expect after enrollment: Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation of your enrollment from The Wine Workshop. After enrollment closes (in this case, March 5, 2021) you’ll receive your first packet of course materials (PDF), the calendar for meetings and office hours, zoom meeting links, suggestions of wines to procure, and much more.

Our first gathering as a group will be the kickoff meeting on Saturday, March 6, 2021, at 3:00 pm central time via zoom. If you are unable to make that meeting, no worries. We will record the meeting and the replay will be available for you (along with direct communication to us with any questions).

Welcome to WINE SCHOOL at The Wine Workshop

The new, best, way to learn about wine online!