Quickie: The Compagni Portis Vineyard

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Info on the vineyards from the Historic Vineyard Society: https://historicvineyardsociety.org/vineyard/compagni-portis

A comparison of two wines from Compagni Portis:

Info from the Bedrock Wine Company website:

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Best maps ever of Sonoma Valley are coming soon: https://vinous.com/articles/seeing-20-20-sonoma-anderson-valley-preview-jan-2020

Finding wines from Compagni Portis: Good luck. Not much is available (only 5000 total bottles per year). You can join the Bedrock mailing list, or Arnot-Roberts, or Carlisle. In the state of Minnesota, the local distributor is Bourget Imports. I don’t think they have any in stock, but they may be able to tell you where they sold some to. The bottle I popped was purchased in 2018.

Wines like this fly under the radar for many wine drinkers. It doesn’t state the variety on the label, it ain’t cheap, and Bedrock is not front and center for most wine retailers (though they should pay more attention to the wines of Bedrock). Honestly, I wouldn’t doubt if you could find this in the closeout bin at one or two stores, not because it’s bad wine (the opposite, totally) but because it’s not a wine that sells well on its own. It needs a smart wine shop staff to move it, which is lacking in wine retail.