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Wine number one: This is one of the best Sauvignon Blancs around. Pouilly-Fume is in the Loire Valley, and across the river is Sancerre, the best known Sauvignon Blanc region of France. The producer here is an incredible family that takes the concept of terroir very seriously. more about Francis Blanchet, some info on Pouilly-Fume in general, and the Sauvignon Blanc grape in particular.

Wine number two: Burgundy can be a very difficult place to learn about. It’s immensely confusing, but relatively easy to break down. Two main grapes: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A handful of regions and sub-regions. All sub-regions are divided down to a hirearchy of village and vineyard quality and characteristics.

Learn more about Burgundy in general, the region of Haute Cotes de Beaune in particular, and the winery you have in your hand – Borgogne Deveaux.

Wine number three: This is fun little gem. The region is Cahors, which is known as the home of Malbec. What? Argentina isn’t? Nope. It’s from these wonderful vineyards on the river Lot that the Malbec grape hits true perfection, often throwing an earthier and richer aroma than their Argentine counterparts.

Learn more about Malbec as a grape, the history of Cahors as a wine region, and dream about what to do when (not if!) you travel there. We shall all travel again soon!

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