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More info about these grapes and wines:

Wine number one: A couple of fun things at hand here. The winery, Aia Vecchia, is a leader in sustainable farming in Tuscany. They do not go for full organic certification, but nor do they use any herbicides or pesticides in the vineyards. Vermentino, the grape, is one of our favorite whites, especially because we love seafood.

Learn more about the winery and winemaker, the Vermentino grape, and the costs associated with organic certification for a winery in Europe and elsewhere.

Wine number two: The old wine regions of Provence are some of our favorites to visit. Here you are surrounded by Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvedre, and other ancient grapes of the Mediterranean basin. If you can visit the province of Gard, you’re in for a treat.

Learn more about the story behind the shape of this bottle and more details about the wine, the best food pairings with the wines of Provence, and the top 10 bars in the town of Aix-en-Provence.

Wine number three: This is a superstar wine, for many reasons that we go over in the video. Balanced Zinfandels (i.e. not screaming high in alcohol) are somewhat hard to find, but the Frog’s Leap Zin is consistently wonderful.

Learn more about the farming philosophies of Frog’s Leap (a very important read), about biodynamic grape farming in general, the debate around organic wines and if they are inherently better (note that we disagree with this article), and finally learn all about dry farming in Napa Valley.

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