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Wine number one: The region of Burgundy is generally considered by many (not all) to be the best region for the fickle Pinot Noir grape. The soils are ideal, the climate is cool (the way Pinot likes), and the winemaking tends to be hands-off, without too much winemaker influence but rather letting the wines show place first.

Learn more about Pinot Noir in general, the region of Burgundy, and the producer: Chateau de Chamilly.

Wine number two: The Willamette Valley is one of our favorite wine regions on the planet. The industry grew from nothing (literally) in the 1960s to the powerhouse that it is today. It’s still small, with families running the farms and a collective spirit of “we’re all in this together!”

Learn more about the history of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, what characteristics this region brings to this grape, and about Evesham Wood in particular.

Wine number three: California Pinot Noirs tend to show the California sunshine, resulting in a richer and deeper style. But this particular wine comes from one of the coldest wine regions in the state. That combination of sunshine and cool temperatures makes for a totally different style of wine.

Learn more about the Sonoma Coast AVA, how it compares to the other AVAs of Sonoma County, and all about the Failla winery in particular.

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