Thank you for purchasing a Somm Kit!

You rock, and we can’t thank you enough.

Wine is better when you know more about it. This is what we hold sacred, and that is where the value is in the Somm Kits. Each kit comes with a cool page full of info, links to our custom downloads, and a video that you can access as you get into the wines.

And don’t forget: all the wines in every Somm Kit are picked by us, personally, with specific criteria in mind:

  • It must be honest wine from honest people, not a created/manufactured brand.
  • It must be farmed sustainably at the least, with bonus points for organic or biodynamic.
  • It must come from locally owned and integrity filled wholesalers and importers, and sold to you through independent fine wine retailers.
  • It must be a wine of distinctive quality and outstanding bang for the buck.

Thank you and enjoy the wines!

Jason and Angela Kallsen
Founders, The Wine Workshop