Three weeks. One topic. A full year of lesson and materials access.

Learn on your own time, but with community.

The best NEW way to learn about wine.

"Jason & Angela have found a way to provide a ton of information in a really simple, digestible way. I've avoided diving in to the world of wine because it seemed really pretentious and complex ... The world of wine is still complex, but this course gave me the tools to start navigating it and finding the things I like. And, most importantly, I had a ton of fun while learning! This course exceeded my expectations."

WINE SCHOOL returns in 2022.
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"I have a decent handle on what I like in wine, but have always wanted to learn more. I always listen attentively at tastings, or to the advice from my favorite wine shop, but then never remembered what they said when I would open the bottle. Intro to Wine blew the doors off the hinges. With each 5 minute video (that I sometimes replayed 3-4 times because I was multi-tasking), I learned 3-4 nuggets that STAYED with me. This is on top of the foundation of grape knowledge carefully sparsed out - never overwhelming, always funny, very approachable, instantly imprinted in my mind. Angela and Jason replace mystery with knowledge and guesswork with confidence."
A satisfied student
Twin Cities, MN

We learn better as individuals, together

If there is one thing we have learned in 25+ years of teaching people about wine, here it is: everyone learns differently. Some are just starting out. Some are experienced. Some aim to be in the wine industry. Some have found a new hobby. And each person learns in her or his own way. 

By learning as individuals, but together in community within the Wine School format, by stretching ourselves and our brains, and by putting our work out to our peers (if you wish), we feel we’ve hit on something here: a new way to grow as a wine lover through carefully designed programs and interactive discussions.

That’s what Wine School at The Wine Workshop is all about.
What you will learn at Wine School
  • Approach wine learning from multiple angles, from the scientific to the romantic.
  • Analyze and deductively taste wine with greater precision.
  • Navigate a wine shop or wine list like never before.
  • Deep learning on the specific topic we are focusing on. Really, really, deep.

No tests, and here's why

The moment someone asks "Will this be on the test?" is the moment you leave learning and enter rote memorization, which is already too prevalent in the wine world today (note the movie SOMM). Instead, we design project-based learning with sommelier instruction and peer support every step of the way.

A 21 day wine journey, at your own pace

Over the course of three weeks, through carefully designed course materials, lectures, classes, and projects, you will learn far more than you expect. Go in and out as needed, and commit as much time as is comfortable. You can work at your own pace, guaranteed.

Active, not passive

Wine School sessions are not just a series of videos. It's also seeking out resources, doing the research, and getting out there to examine the wine world in ways you've never experienced. And, with active learning comes accountability, demonstrated through optional projects and assignments.

No tests. No flashcards. No pins. No short-term memorization. 

Only focused project-based learning for those that really want to learn, not just memorize.

Who is Wine School for?

Wine School at The Wine Workshop is designed for the curious consumer, from the beginner to the expert. It’s built as a flexible platform respectful of your time commitment (some students are one hour a week, some are ten hours a week, and either is okay). It’s designed for those that seek learning, true learning, as a part of a good life. It’s built knowing that people learn about wine in different ways, and by sharing those ways and cross-pollinating with the class, growth multiplies.

Who is Wine School NOT for?

Wine School does not give out certifications, diplomas, titles, or pins. This is by design. If that is what you are seeking, Wine School is not for you. 

We believe the trend toward certifications, titles, and pins has led to a wine culture of short-term memorization, larger time and financial commitments than most people can or want to embark upon, and the rise of a certain level of “so what level are you?” attitudes.

If you are looking for structured wine learning with testing, titles, and certifications we strongly support the work of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). They do a great job with what they do, which is very different from what we do.

If you are specifically in the service industry (restaurants and hospitality), The Court of Master Sommeliers is a beneficial program for accreditation and career advancement.

What is the time commitment?

Wine School is built specifically to be respectful of your time. We are all busy, some much more than others. That’s why this format is great for everyone.

Each session of Wine School lasts 21 days, and you can continue on your own far beyond that. In terms of a weekly commitment it’s really up to you and your schedule. Some will do one hour a week, some will do ten or more.

During that time, based on the topic, you will get a series of modules, classes, and projects to go through at your own pace, plus three live zoom meetings with the sommelier instructor, plus access to “office hours” (just like in college), plus a private Facebook group where you can meet and interact with your fellow students (if you wish), and finally a series of projects to help you learn more than you thought possible.

The goal is flexibility but also commitment to the course. You make your course what you want it to be in terms of wines, time commitment, and focused topics. If you feel you’re unable to commit as much as you wish you could during the 21 day course window, you can always return to the materials and projects on your own time in the future. You will own the course in your Wine Workshop account for one year.

Remember, this is active learning, not passive. Those that get the most out of it also put the most into it.

Learn at your own pace
15+ modules per topic (videos, handouts, focused discussions, and more)
Project-based learning
Live interactive class meetings
Access to course materials for one year

How much wine do I have to purchase during the course?

As little or as much as you wish. 

Technically, you could do a course without purchasing any wine. But many of the assignments are based on tasting and evaluating wines by category and/or geography. Our minimum suggestion would be three bottles over the three week course, but many will do more just for the fun of it. 

How much content is in a course?

There are three types of content per course: what we provide, what you find, and what you create.

Each course comes with a comprehensive set of videos and handouts, produced by us specifically for Wine School courses, that cover all the foundational information necessary to achieve deep learning on a given topic. These are trickled out over the period of the course.

Each subject within a course contains links and further information for you to read on your own. This shapes the discussion with different points of view which is always important in learning.

Lastly, each course comes with specific projects that you may choose to do. These include analysis of wines your are using for the course, analysis of retail selections and wine lists, and short format assignments regarding specific regions, villages, and producers. 

All work is optional, but encouraged. If you do not have time during the course to complete the work, you can always come back to it later. Your course materials stay in your Wine Workshop account for one year. 

What is the group/community aspect of a course?

This is one of the key differences between Wine School and other online wine courses/webinars.

During the 21 day course, we have regular meetings, together. These are zoom meetings, not webinars. We see each-other. We discuss questions. We pose scenarios. We push you, just enough, to the edge of your comfort zone in order to grow. Don’t worry – this isn’t a high pressure situation, but we do think this is important.

It’s also optional. If you don’t want to participate in the zoom meetings with the instructor/s and fellow students, that’s okay. There are no tests, there are no grades, there is no attendance roll.

We also have “office hours,” just like in college, where you can drop in for any discussion or just to share a glass of wine and talk, face to face, on zoom. Happy hour + learning time!

Human interaction. Questions. Answers. Discussion. Laughter. Community. This is why Wine School was created.

Can two people in one household share a spot?

Yes. Price is per connection, and the connection can be shared by two people in the same household.

Can I give a Wine School course as a gift?

Yes! Simply purchase with your own contact information, and let us know in the purchase comments the details. Or, simply email us after purchase. We can make a nice, customized sheet for you to print and give as the gift.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. If up to seven days into the course you don’t feel it’s right for you, we will refund you enrollment after completing a very small survey.

I’m brand new to wine. Is this a good way to start?

We think Wine School is the best way to start. Look for the beginner to intermediate level courses.

I know quite a bit about wine already. Will I learn more?

Yes. The format is carefully designed for personal growth. Look for the intermediate to advanced courses. You will be pushed, you will grown, no matter from where you begin.

More questions? Shoot me an email.