Wine Workshop:
The Festivus Wine Celebration!
December 23rd

Hi everyone –

HAPPY FESTIVUS TO ALL! It’s great to gather to air some grievances. Enjoy the show!

Here is the replay of the webinar (note there are some audio issues in the first couple of minutes, before we switched microphones). This webinar was great fun!

More cool links for further learning

The history of Festivus and the O’Keefe family’s traditions.

Some great articles of Festivus: 1, 2, 3

Three great Jerry Seinfeld things: his new book, his new Netflix special, and his interview with Tim Ferriss.

Regarding “natural wine” and my grievances:

The problem with rating wines ala Wine Spectator (this is an exceptionally good article from WSJ)

Grilled Meatloaf, a recipe I developed for an old blog of mine, The Grilling Man, years ago. Part of my 2021 plan is to re-do and re-build that website. Can’t wait!

The problem with premature oxidation in White Burgundy. Pretty fascinating stuff.

And lastly, a Festivus wine miracle! (I think I’ll pass, though)


Jason and Angela Kallsen
Founders, The Wine Workshop