Wine Workshop:
Spanish White Wines
May 11, 2021

Hi everyone –

Thanks for a fun gathering to learn all about Spanish white wines! As we discussed, this is a relatively new category in the big picture of the wine world, and now many of our favorite white wines are coming from here. Pretty cool.

The App we were playing with and talking about at the start is called Reface. Get it here.

Our favorite boxed white wine comes from Spain. It’s called Shania, and if you like acidity in a wine this is for you! It’s not crisp and lively ala Sauvignon Blanc, but it’s more like a bright apple aroma and flavor. We love it. Shania Boxed White.

The wine shop in Omaha that we love:

Onward to the follow up!

And your webinar replay:

More links for learning!

The Basque region is distinctive indeed, and in 2008 José Andres did a cool little bit on the area and the Txakoli wines for PBS.

My love of Rueda came through loud and clear in the webinar. Learn more about this very important area for great value white wines:

The whites of Rioja can be divided into two camps: the modern and the traditional. The main winery known for the traditional style in Rioja is Vina Tondonia. Here’s a great video about this historic property in the town of Haro.

Lastly, there is much to appreciate about Albariño and the region of Rias Baixas:

Thanks, everyone, and hope to see you in another workshop soon!

Jason and Angela Kallsen
Founders, The Wine Workshop