Campus Club “Taste of Austria” Follow Up, March 2021

Hi everyone –

Many thanks for attending the University of Minnesota Campus Club “Taste of Austria” event on March 4, 2021. It was a great gathering of food and wine, and we hope it has inspired you to cook this dish at home and enjoy with a good Grüner Veltliner or Zweigelt.

Here is your replay of the webinar:

More links for you!

Check out Chef Beth’s online cooking classes!

A good overview of the top 50 foods and beverages of Austria:

Learn more about The Wine Workshop and Jason’s online wine webinars, Wine School at the Wine Workshop, and Somm Kits

More links to learn about the key grapes of Austrian wine:

And pour a glass, kick back, and escape to a little vacation:

THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE! We hope you learned and ton and you can join us for a future event!

Jason Kallsen
Beth Jones
Ann Holt

and the entire crew at the Campus Club!