MAY 12, 2020

Hi everyone!

Here is the replay of our gathering:

And here are some links!

Please join us for the Solo Vino (virtual) Rosé Tent Tasting! Wines! Learning! Special guests! Juggling! And more!

And if you need a case of incredible Rosé, the same wines we will be going over in the Tent Tasting, here ya go!

Note: the Somm Survival Kit is not required to enjoy the Tent Tasting webinar. And the Tent Tasting webinar is not required to enjoy the Kit. Grab one. Grab both. Just don’t grab none because that would be sad!

Finally, a truly great magic trick:

In 1980, as a kid into magic, I was lucky that my dad bought tickets to the show of Harry Blackstone, Jr. at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis. We were in the balcony, first row, center seats. As good as it gets. Blackstone Jr. was a living legend of magic, and the Blackstone Floating Lightbulb remains one of the great mysteries of the wine world. Nobody really knows how he pulled it off.

Thanks, everyone!

Jason Kallsen