Somm Kit Details: OMG! Springtime wines March-April 2021

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Our OMG It’s Springtime – I Can Go Outside! Somm Kit is a great little collection to kick off springtime 2021. Fresh, bright, clean, and lively little gems. Thank you for investing in it!

We also did something different with this kit. Whereas buying into a Somm Kit to get the lower price plus all the education is normally $12 through our website (more explanation on this here), we instead built our compensation into the price through an arrangement with North Loop Wine and Spirits. This way more people can buy this kit on a whim at the shop. Spread the word!

Let’s get to the wines!

Here’s your video of us stepping through all of the wines:

Wines discussed and timing:

  • 2:05 Falco Vinho Verde
  • 7:39 Aragosta Vermentino
  • 12:01 Scaia Garganega/Chardonnay
  • 17:00 Liquid Geography Rosé
  • 23:41 Rouge Bleu Rosé
  • 28:04 Commanderie de Bargemont Rosé

More links for learnin’

Vinho Verde has more to offer than simple cheap whites. The region is full of complexities and even makes very age-worthy wines (for real … we enjoyed a 1990 Vinho Verde on our last trip to Portugal). Learn more about the serious side of Vinho Verde.

Speaking of Portugal, our friends Ryan and Simon are producing a new book on the wines of Portugal that is going to be INCREDIBLE. It’s being funded at Kickstarter right now. Be sure to support them! More info on the Foot Trodden Kickstarter campaign.

Vermentino is one of our favorite grapes, for as we described it build flavor intensity along with having acidity and body. Learn more about Vermentino.

The Liquid Geography is made out of Mencia, the great grape of Bierzo in northwestern Spain. We also mentioned the extreme vineyards of Ribera Sacra: check them out!

We also mentioned the oyster books of Rowan Jacobsen. If you’re not familiar with these, we highly recommend them.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy your Somm Kit!

Jason and Angela Kallsen
The Wine Workshop