One Recipe, One Wine, July 10th at 6pm


Friday, July 10th
6:00 pm central time

Our “One and One” wine evenings bring together ONE particularly great recipe with ONE category of wine, making for terrific wine education.

This One and One topic is Grüner Veltliner, the primary white grape of Austria, and how it pairs beautifully with one of our favorite quick to prepare springtime salads: shaved asparagus salad with ricotta.

The week of the event, you’ll be emailed the recipe along with a list of suggested wines. We will outline the exact timeline for creating the dish so it’s all set for the webinar when we begin, or you can watch us create the dish and do it yourself post-webinar.

Questions? Check out our FAQ and what it’s like to experience a Wine Workshop.

Pop a bottle! It’s time for ONE RECIPE, ONE WINE!


When it comes to food and wine pairings, we have found many nearly-perfect combinations over the years. And now we want to share them with you.

Join us for our new “One and One” format, pairing one particular recipe with one great category of wine, then join us for the workshop webinar where we teach about that wine in particular while we all enjoy the dish together.

IT’S A GREAT WAY TO LEARN ABOUT FOOD AND WINE PAIRINGS and you’re guaranteed to learn far more than you expect.

The Wine Workshops are designed to be a fast infusion of wine knowledge, taught by one of the most experienced wine educators in the country, certified sommelier Jason Kallsen. When properly and clearly explained, wine does not need to be intimidating. Which of course makes it much more fun.

We hope you can join us for One and One!

Learn more about what it’s like to experience a Wine Workshop.