Somm Kit: d’Arenberg


AVAILABLE October 21 – November 30, 2020

WINE TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT IT. That’s what the Somm Survival Kits are all about.

This kit: six wines from the legendary d’Arenberg winery of McClaren Vale, Australia PLUS a 30 minute video of us stepping through the wines, PLUS our interview with Chester Osborne, PLUS cellar tags and further notes.

A $106 value. Only $12 to buy in (this pays for The Wine Workshop’s work on the project, and is made up through discounts on the wines selected — see here for more explanation), then $91.75 plus tax when you pick up the wines at North Loop Wine and Spirits (or have them delivered or shipped for a small charge). Ordering through other local shops is available, just ask.


The Sommelier Survival Kit! Independent sommelier-picked gems of the wine world to keep you stocked up with exciting juice, plus an educational video on theses specific wines, links for learning more, and cellar tags for all the bottles.

This particular pick:

  • Six wines from the legendary top winery of McClaren Vale, Australia – d’Arenberg!
  • INSTANT access to detailed tasting notes, cellar tags, links, and our 30+ minute video of Jason and Angela tasting through and explaining all the wines.
  • INSTANT access to our 30 minute interview with the legend himself, Chester Osborne!

Features six selections covering a wide range of styles:

    • d’Arenberg Stump Jump White
    • d’Arenberg Stump Jump Red
    • d’Arenberg “The Hermit Crab” Viognier/Marsanne
    • d’Arenberg “The Custodian” Grenache
    • d’Arenberg “d’Arry’s Original” Shiraz/Grenache
    • d’Arenberg “The High Trellis” Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a perfect introduction to the range and beauty of the wines of Chester Osborne (and the Somm Kit includes a video interview we did with Chester just for this kit).

This is one of our favorite wineries in the world. Fourth generation, family owned and operated, top quality through the entire range (which goes from $10 a bottle to well over $100 a bottle … our Somm Kit sticks to the affordable end), organic and biodynamic farming, and a true sense of place when it comes to the terroir of McClaren Vale. It doesn’t get better than this.

$106 worth of wine for only $91.75¬†plus tax, through North Loop Wine and Spirits¬†wine shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you live outside of Minnesota, shipping is often available. If you live in Minnesota and wish to pick up at a different shop, options are often available. Email us with your request, we can usually make it happen. We are “retailer agnostic” as long as they are good people and a locally-owned shop.

Questions? Email Jason Kallsen at