The Somm Survival Kit: New Zealand Awesomeness


Six great wines to show you the diversity this country produces.
All wines from family owned and sustainably/organically farmed estates.

Now with INSTANT access to tasting notes, cellar tags, food pairing ideas, and a video of Jason tasting through the wines.

Only $12 to buy in (this pays for Jason’s work on the project, and is made up through discounts on the wines selected — see here for more explanation), then $94.05 plus tax when you pick up the wines at North Loop Wine and Spirits (or have them delivered for a small charge). The regular price of these wines totals $110.

Available June 1st – June 6th, 2020.

Final purchase coordinated through North Loop Wine and Spirits (delivery and shipping available).


During these days of stay-at-home orders, we are working to find ways to bring inspiration and education to your life through wine.

The Sommelier Survival Kit! Hand-picked hidden gems of the wine world to keep you stocked up with exciting juice. 

This particular pick:

  • Six wines, a $125 value, for only $103.45 plus tax.
  • NEW! Instant access to detailed tasting notes, maps, cellar tags, and a video of Jason tasting through and explaining all the wines.
  • Features a bottle each of a great range of New Zealand wines

    • A favorite budget old-school style Sauvignon Blanc
    • A gem from Hawke’s Bay (very different style)
    • One awesome Sauvignon Blanc made by one of the legends of the business
    • In my opinion, the single best Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand today! ($25 a bottle.)
    • A skin-contact Pinot Gris that will blow you away
    • A favorite Pinot Noir, showing just how great New Zealand Pinot Noir can be

New Zealand produces a far larger variety of wines that most people realize. Yes, it’s mostly Sauvignon Blanc, but the diversity of Sauvignon Blanc is just one part of this surprise for many. Included as well in this kit are a wildly cool skin contact Pinot Gris, as well as a great Pinot Noir. Designed for warmer weather, this kit will make you very happy.

$125 worth of wine for only $103.45 plus tax, exclusively through North Loop Wine and Spirits wine shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you live outside of Minnesota, shipping is often available.

For only $12, you buy into specific picks, which is offset (and then some) by the discounts you receive on the wines. Buying this collection through the somm survival kit is cheaper than going to the store and picking them out yourself, plus you get extensive tasting notes with food pairing ideas, videos, maps, and more.

Questions? Email Jason Kallsen at