The Veneto: December 9, 2020


Wednesday, December 9, 2020
7:00 pm central time

A comprehensive discussion on the wines of The Veneto of Italy, one of the most diverse wine regions of the world, and an area of great confusion for many. Key grape varieties, regions, sub-regions, terroir, history, food, culture, and top producers will be discussed. Info packed, to say the least!

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Pop a bottle! It’s time for The Veneto: Valpolicella and more!


It’s the most diverse wine region of Italy, and the one we suggest wine lovers explore in-depth. It’s the Veneto, where many of the best wines of Italy are produced.

But it’s an area not understood by many. The sheer variety of grapes and styles guarantees confusion. The combination of big, low-quality producers and artisan, high-quality producers makes for a conundrum. And add to all of that: hundreds of new brands arriving on American shelves, and you’ve now got a problem … what to buy???

We’ll unpack it all. The main grapes, the key regions, the styles to expect, what to look for, what to avoid, and how to get bang for the buck. Special emphasis will be put on our shortlist of top producers and importers, and why they stand out.

No wines are required to taste along with the class, but it sure makes it more fun. You’ll get specific suggestions on wines upon purchase of the workshop.

The Wine Workshops are designed to be a fast infusion of wine knowledge, taught by one of the most experienced wine educators in the country, certified sommelier Jason Kallsen. When properly and clearly explained, wine does not need to be intimidating. Which of course makes it much more fun.

We hope you can join us forĀ The Veneto!

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