Wine Date Night: The Pinot Family, 12/3/2021



Friday, December 3, 2021, 9 pm central.
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Pop a bottle! It’s time for┬áThe Wine Workshop!


All in the family: Pinot!

We’ve all heard of Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Bianco. But did you know that in terms of genetics, they are the EXACT SAME GRAPE? They are all “Pinot,” but pigment mutations are all that separate them. Those pigment mutations lend themselves to becoming three very different styles of wine, and in this date night, we’ll explore them all.

We’ll cover the history of each grape in detail, then move into typicity (when you buy a Pinot Noir, for instance, what should you expect?). This will become the core of the conversation, as we explore the rise of all three grapes in the world of wine consumers. A deep discussion on food and wine pairings will be had as well.

Then to finish it off, we’ll discuss the forgotten sibling of all of these grapes: Meunier, the principal grape in Champagne.

This is an eye-opening class, and we hope you can join us!


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We hope you can join us for Wine Workshop: The Pinot Family!

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