The Eyrie Celebration 2022, with Diana and Jason Lett

On February 22, 1965, David Lett planted the first Pinot Noir vines in Willamette Valley, near Corvalis. A year later, on their honeymoon, David and Diana dug up the young vines and brought them to their new farm, on the hills of Dundee. The rest, as they say, is history.

We celebrate Eyrie Day on February 22nd every year, and for the 2022 edition, we were honored to have Diana and Jason Lett join us for the webinar. So many stories were shared! It was an amazing hour, and we hope you enjoy the show.

Diana and Jason Lett

The replay of the webinar

More links for learning

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David Adelsheim, the founder of Adelsheim Vineyards and friend of the Lett family, did a great interview with Diana. Check it out!

Some fantastic photos

David Lett christening the new Pinot Noir vines, February 22, 1965

Diana Lett transplanting the vines into the first vineyard, in 1966

The Eyrie Vineyard, home of the original vines planted in 1966

David and Diana on their honeymoon, pausing during the hard work of planting
Jason Lett at harvest

Finding The Eyrie Vineyards wines

There are two great ways to find the wines of Eyrie Vineyards. First, your local fine wine shop. If they don’t carry the wines, ask. A good local shop should happily special order wines from the local distributor if they are in stock. Asking for wines like Eyrie sends a signal, an important signal, that people like us seek wines like this. There is no better way at improving a wine shop than to help them learn what their customers are looking for.

The other great way to acquire the wines is from the winery directly. Check out The Eyrie Vineyards website for the current offerings. This is also the best way to get your hands on the most limited production wines.

A final thank you

This incredible experience would not have been possible without the time that Diana and Jason Lett (along with Amy) gave us. It was an honor to speak with you on this very, very special day. Thank you!

Jason and Angela Kallsen
Co-founders, The Wine Workshop

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  1. I would like to try their wines if I could buy them in MN or eastern WI. Do you know where they may be available?
    Judy J

    1. Hi Judy –

      Sometimes they can be tough to find, so a special order is usually your best bet (instead of a wild goose chase). Go to a good local fine wine shop and ask them to find out what is avaialble. If St. Paul isn’t too far away, I can set that up for you through a good shop. Let me know.

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