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Webinar follow-up

Thanks for a great gathering and a fantastic class, and special thanks to Nick Goldschmidt for taking the time away from his hectic schedule to sit down with us and chat. As you saw, Nick is one of the most passionate and energetic personalities in the wine world, and his discussion about why he loves the wine world (as opposed to beer and spirits) was spot on. This conversation was a blast.

Onward to the follow-up!

Your replay of the webinar

Goldschmidt Vineyards links and social




Learning more about Alexander Valley, Napa Valley, and mountain vs. valley floor fruit

Alexander Valley Winegrowers Association: website (tons of good info)

Wineseacher: Alexander Valley

AdVINEtures: Napa Valley Floor vs. Mountain Fruit

Secret Door Wines: Mountain vs. Valley Floor wines

Learning more about Chilean wines

I loved our discussion on the wines of Chile and the marketing problem that evolved as Americans decided that Chilean wine = cheap wine. Some of the most dynamic and interesting wines I’ve had in the last two years have come from Chile. We’ll be doing our “Chilean Fascination” webinar in December 2021, so keep an eye out for registration or purchase the Workshop that aired previously.

Wine Enthusiast: Understanding Chile’s Wine Regions (a ‘step by step’ article that covers four main regions and what makes them distinct).

WineFolly: Chilean Wine Guide (with a great map)

The Drinks Business: Rescuing Chile’s Old Vines from Abandoned Vineyards

A neat interview with Nick and a cool video

My Full Wine Glass: Experience is His Teacher: Interview with Nick Goldschmidt (this is a GREAT article!)

And see this video to learn about all the wines of Goldschmidt Vineyards:

The issue of ‘smoke taint’ and the controversy around it

I think it was great of Nick to calm us all down about ‘smoke taint’ and the impact it actually has (or does not have) on wine. Through careful winemaking and understanding of the science, all but the most impacted grapes (such as northern Napa Valley in 2020) are going to be okay.

I think the best article that talks about all sides of the issue is found at Wine Enthusiast: The Complex Science and Evolving Toll of Smoke Taint.

My favorite lines from that article: “Many times, however, smoke exposure can have little or no effect on the final wines. This was the case in Washington’s 2018 vintage, when wildfire smoke filled the air for weeks during veraison and harvest. Not only did the resulting wines seem to show little impact, it was perhaps the state’s best vintage qualitatively in the last 20 years.”

The 1994 Simi story and Zelma Long

You can find my essay on the Twin Cities Wine Education site: The Story of a Bottle – The 1994 Simi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Nick was lucky enough to work with the legendary Zelma Long, who mentored so many great winemakers during her time at Simi. Learn more about Zelma Long:


Wine Enthusiast: Industry Icon Zelma Long is Passionate About Hiring and Mentoring Women

Podcast – The Taste With Doug Shafer: Interview with Zelma Long

An invitation to future webinars

Thank you all for taking a look at our follow up page (and making it all the way to the bottom! Huzah!). The Wine Workshop works because of your curiosity and passion, and we pride ourselves on a fun way to learn about our favorite beverage. Keep in touch, and we hope to see you in a future event!

Jason and Angela Kallsen
Co-founders, The Wine Workshop

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  1. Great session last night. Nick is knowledgeable, open, funny and interesting.

    And we appreciate the introduction to Katherine. A great quality and value wine that made the event even better.


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