Portugal Wine Workshop Plus! May 15-17


Friday, May 15 –¬†Sunday, May 17

Three days of instruction, maps, discussion, insider info, interaction, articles, videos, hints and tips, lessons, and more!

Followed by a LIVE one hour webinar on Sunday, May 17rd at 1:00 pm central time with certified sommelier Jason Kallsen, along with special guest live from Portugal Ryan Opaz!

Pop a bottle! It’s time for the Portugal Wine Workshop Plus!


What makes the wines of Portugal so different and yet so awesome? What factors combine in Portugal to make for distinctive wines made with grapes not found elsewhere?¬†Those are the central questions we’ll attack during this very deep Wine Workshop+.

We’ll dive into more than you ever thought possible about Portugal, and leave you more confident than ever to buy great wines. We will be covering Port production in detail, of course, but also so much more.

The core grape varieties, the regions, the producers, and more. This will be an incredibly comprehensive Wine Workshop and is guaranteed to leave you with a TON of new knowledge.

Wine suggestions for this webinar (totally optional): buy a range of Portuguese wines in whatever budget you choose, focusing on the following categories (a good independent wine shop can help with the selections):

  • White wine from the area of Lisboa
  • Red wine from the area of Alentejo
  • A dry wine from the Douro Valley
  • A Ruby or Tawny Port (10 year Tawny suggested)


The core of a Wine Workshop+ is our social board, where participants learn, share, collaborate, and grow. At the end of the Workshop, you’ll enjoy a one-hour live webinar with sommelier Jason Kallsen to review what was learned and continue your wine growth.

All materials and the webinar will be archived for your future enjoyment.

Learn more about what a Wine Workshop Plus experience is like.