Somm Survival Kit: Domaines and Appellations Summer Picks



WINE TASTES BETTER WHEN YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT IT. That’s what the Somm Survival Kits are all about.

This kit: six wines hand-picked by local master wine importer Annette Peters, founder of Domaines and Appellations. 

Who imports your wine matters, and as we explain in the video attached to this Somm Kit, the work that goes into wine importation is hard work indeed.

The value of the Somm Kit: INSTANT access to tasting notes, cellar tags, food pairing ideas, articles, links, and a video of sommelier Jason Kallsen tasting through these six wines. Buying the wines through the Somm Kit is cheaper than going to the store and finding them yourself.

A $132 value. Only $12 to buy in (this pays for The Wine Workshop’s work on the project, and is made up through discounts on the wines selected — see here for more explanation), then $105.15 plus tax when you pick up the wines at North Loop Wine and Spirits (or have them delivered or shipped for a small charge).


The Sommelier Survival Kit! Independent sommelier-picked gems of the wine world to keep you stocked up with exciting juice. 

This particular pick:

  • Six fantastic wines from wine importer extraordinaire Annette Peters, founder of Domaines and Appellations.
  • INSTANT access to detailed tasting notes, maps, cellar tags, and a video of Jason and Angela tasting through and explaining all the wines.
  • Features six selections including:

      • A handcrafted Cremant de Loire sparkler, custom made by Annette.
      • A rare Muscadet of top quality, sustainably farmed.
      • A fabulous Loire Sauvignon Blanc that is NOT Pouilly-Fume or Sancerre.
      • A white Burgundy that tastes four times the price that it is.
      • A 100% Granciano Rioja (a true rarity).
      • A bone dry 13% alcohol Brachheto from Piedmont … a truly one of a kind wine.

Who imports your wine matter. If they are a large, faceless, soulless company it may be all about the dollars and volume. If they are too small it may be all about ego and pomp and circumstance. But the right importer, at the right size to move the right amount of product, with the personality and the palate to select great gems, is your best connection in the wine world.

Welcome to a new series of Sommelier Survival Kits featuring our favorite importers and some of our favorite wines! Annette Peters is one of the best in the business, and we are lucky to have her here in the Twin Cities. This is great way to introduce yourself to her wines and style.

$132 worth of wine for only $105.15 plus tax, exclusively through North Loop Wine and Spirits wine shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you live outside of Minnesota, shipping is often available. If you live in Minnesota and wish to pick up at a different shop, options are often available. Email us with your request.

Questions? Email Jason Kallsen at