Somm Kit: Northeastern Italy


AVAILABLE MARCH 4th – APRIL 17th, 2021

WINE TASTES BETTER WHEN YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT IT. That’s what the Somm Survival Kits are all about.

Six wines from Northeastern Italy. Two each from Friuli, Alto Adige, and the Veneto. Six of our favorite wines with huge bang for the buck.

A $163 value. Only $12 to buy in (this pays for The Wine Workshop’s work on the project, and is made up through discounts on the wines selected — see here for more explanation), then $137.65 plus tax when you pick up the wines at North Loop Wine and Spirits (or have them delivered or shipped for a small charge).


The Somm Kit! Independent sommelier-picked gems of the wine world to keep you stocked up with exciting juice. 

Each wine is from family-owned wineries. Each wine is from sustainably and organically farmed vineyards. And each wine has its own thing going on, which we cover in detail in the video.

The value of the Somm Kit: INSTANT access to tasting notes, cellar tags, food pairing ideas, articles, links, and a 40+ minute video of sommelier Jason Kallsen and Angela Kallsen tasting through these wines. Buying the wines through the Somm Kit is cheaper than going to the store and finding them yourself.

This particular pick:

  • Six superb fabulous wines from Northeastern Italy, featuring two each from Friuli, Alto Adige, and the Veneto. Three whites and three reds.
  • A top level Friulian white made in the old-school skin contact style (i.e. orange wine, and one of the best ones we’ve ever had), as well as a killer red made from a grape that may surprise you!
  • Two white wine gems from the mountains of Alto Adige, showing the role that detail and precision can play in the overall quality of the wines. One of these is a personal favorite to stash in the cellar for long-term aging.
  • Two reds from Valpolicella, one being ‘God’s pizza wine’ as we call it, and the other being the best Ripasso on the market today.
  • 40+ minute video of us tasting through and discussing the wines.
  • Cellar tags for all of your bottles.
  • A great price on some amazing wines!

Northeastern Italy! Friuli, Alto Adige, and the Veneto! This is our favorite region in Europe to travel to, and the spot that we have spent the most time in. The wines are dramatic and so different in style. As we say at the start of the video, we could EASILY do a whole Somm Kit on any one of these regions (and we will at some point) but we wanted to start with a general overview of the areas.

$163 worth of great wines for only $137.65 plus tax, exclusively through North Loop Wine and Spirits wine shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you live outside of Minnesota, shipping is often available. If you live in Minnesota and wish to pick up at a different shop, options are often available. Email us with your request, we can usually make it happen.

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